Trail Rules

Trail riding guidelines for the MTU Four Wheelers

Last Update 2019, current as of 2022-2023 school year

  1. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL or illegal drugs will be consumed on any trail ride. This includes lunch breaks and any night riding.

  2. Don't cut new trails, follow the marked or beaten path. Always T.R.E.A.D. Lightly. Clearing trees from existing trails is OK.

  3. Secure front and rear tow points are required.

  4. No open exhaust will be allowed anywhere (National Forest and State Land regulations require baffled mufflers or spark arresters).

  5. Always wear seat belts, keep arms inside the vehicle.

  6. If you leave the event at any point, make sure you check out with the trail leader.

  7. When you turn off on any trail or road, make sure the vehicle behind you makes the same turn.

  8. When caravanning on the highway, keep a safe distance between vehicles. Allow others to pass.

  9. When approaching steep grades, mud holes, water crossing, etc., leave enough distance between vehicles to prevent collision, or wait for an "all clear" in areas difficult to see the vehicle in front of you.

  10. The trash you truck in is yours to truck out. Do not litter! Pick up any trash you find on the trail.

  11. Never travel alone. Always have at least two (2) vehicles for safety's sake.

  12. Always start with a full tank of gas. Carry extra gas on long trips.

  13. Everything should be secured whether inside or outside the vehicle.

  14. Respect the community and environment in which you will be traveling.

  15. Always share the trail wisely.

  16. No fireworks or firearms allowed.

  17. Fire extinguishers are highly recommended.

  18. The club uses channel 4 on the CB radio, simplex frequency of 147.110 MHz and 146.880 MHz for the Hancock repeater.

  19. Bring your own tools and spare parts – do not rely on other members to have what you need.

  20. No horsing around or goofing off. This can be a dangerous sport, so use safety and common sense at all times.