Club Info

General Information

The Four Wheelers of Michigan Tech is one of the largest organizations on campus and has officially been a part of the MTU community since 1975. New members are welcome!

Joining our club provides one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the land. Join us on one of our adventures as we travel into the heart of the Keweenaw...

  • Dues are $30 per year or $20 per term

  • Meetings 7pm every Thursday in Fisher 326

  • Four wheel drive outings most weekends during the snowmobile off-season (some runs will be designed for modified vehicles only, in which case an alternate run will be set up for stock vehicles)

  • CB channel 4 is used on club runs and some members use it daily

  • The club also uses 147.110 MHz, 2 meter band

  • Social gatherings throughout the year


  • Meet new friends

  • How-To advice from experienced off-roaders (including driving techniques, vehicle repairs, safe trail riding, and safe vehicle recovery)

  • Learn the trails of the Keweenaw

  • Use of club equipment & maps

  • Discount pricing from some local auto parts stores

  • Lots of members to come pull you out when you get stuck somewhere